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Our Philosophy

Good bloodlines & great mothers, foals raised in a herd on natural landscapes, good hoof care, excellent nutrition and nothing but the best horsemanship - these are the steps that go into producing exceptional horses. 

We want our horses to go to great homes and we want our clients to feel that they are buying their next dream horse. So we set our horses up to be successful from day one by selecting top quality bloodlines from across North America for both our Kiger and our AQHA breeding herds. By selecting great broodmares, we know the foals will be raised right.

At Winterwind we see the benefit of keeping horses as natural as possible to improve health and soundness. We give our foals the best start by keeping them with a herd, in a large natural environment where they are free to run, play and explore. This allows them to develop strong hooves, dense bones, surefootedness and essential socializing skills that they will benefit from for the rest of their lives.

Our foals are handled from a young age so they learn trust and respect for humans. Once they are mature enough to start work, they are gradually introduced to training, progressing at the pace of each individual horse until they can begin a tailored training program

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