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We are excited to be opening a brand new breeding and training facility in Spring 2019. The new 40' x 100' barn is built further back on the property, in its own quiet space, away from the main road and cattle barns. It is surrounded by cattle pastures and grain fields, creating a perfect escape from the busyness of everyday life. One can ride in the 70' x 150' outdoor ring or the miles of well kept trails along the back of the property.

The barn contains large 12'x12', 12'x16' & 12'x20' stalls, with grilled partitions and vaulted ceiling providing excellent air flow and lighting. Stalls on the back side of the barn attach to 30' individual gravel runs which provide private, mud-free turn out during all seasons. Pastures are being replanted in the spring to provide acres of rotational grazing on weed-free forages. Outdoor shelters on 24/7 turn out are also available.

The barn has a 20' x 28' heated office space which will include a tack room, feed room and break room. Besides being set up for breeding and foaling, the facility will be suitable for all types of training, including a space to work cattle and a round yard to start colts.

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