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To produce beautiful horses we start from the inside.

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We feed only the best quality hay and grain to our horses and our feeding program is based on the most up-to-date scientific information available. Kaitlin's undergraduate degree in Human Nutrition, combined with her Masters degree in Equine Science provide her with high level professional experience in nutrition planning, research and diet management. Ryan has a diploma in Enterprise Management including courses on hay and grain production, field and pasture management and animal nutrition. Together Kaitlin and Ryan have over 20 years experience with nutrition planning and feed production.


We believe that good hay is absolutely imperative to healthy livestock. Our fields are soil tested yearly and fertilized for optimal growth of nutrient rich, quality hay. We take great care to insure that our hay is cut and baled at just the right time, always stored indoors and completely mold-free. Our hay is tested yearly for nutrient analysis to assure our horses are receiving what they need.


We try to keep our horse's diets as natural as possible. Each horse receives a customized feed, mixed from whole, natural ingredients. We formulate our rations using alfalfa, whole oats, flax, probiotics, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals to keep the horse's gut healthy and functioning properly. We use all natural, fully balanced BioEquine Horse Supplements in our feeding program to promote whole body health, strong hooves, optimal digestion, mane & tail growth, shiny coats and good muscle conditioning.


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