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Nestled on the Atlantic Ocean, the ranch is located near the small village of St. Andrews, just outside of Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Situated along the South River, the picturesque rolling green hills and miles of wooded trails make it a horse lover's dream. The natural grass and forested gullies are an ideal place for foals to spend their first years of life. Our pastures are built on tiled fields, which drain off excess water and keeps mud to a minimum, allowing us to keep horses outside all year round. Read Our Philosophy to learn more.

The property is owned by the Carrondale Cattle Company Inc., a beef, grain and hay producer. The company runs a commercial Black Angus cow/calf operation and a small purebred Limousin herd on the ranch as well as a cropping operation at it's other location, Carrondale Farms. Grain crops include; oats, barley, wheat, corn and soybeans. The hay produced by the farm is superior quality timothy and timothy-alfalfa mix that is analyzed each year to assure the horses and livestock receive optimal nutrition. See our Nutrition page for more information on our feeding program.








South River Ranch is located just off the Trans-Canada Highway roughly 200km north of Halifax and only a five hour drive from the Canada-United States Border. Click here to view our location on the map.

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