A good mare is the foundation of any breeding program. Foals gain experience and character from the mothers that raise them. At Winterwind we believe that the quality, conformation, talent and temperament of our mares is equally as important to that of our stallions in producing top quality offspring.

Idaho Kiger Gem

Idaho Kiger Dreams x Wallowas Apollo
KMA #0706-P      KHAR #A-0200-MCD (Appendix)

Gem black background 134 edit

Bayo Tortola

Teannaway Creek x Charro
KHAR Registration Pending

Bayo Ulta Vida
Belleza x Charro
KHAR # T-0992-MCG

Vida 076

Photographs by Winterwind & Rancho Bayo 

Lluvia Del Viento

Gem x Saphiro
Kiger / Lusitano

KHAR # P-0175-MCO     IALHA #H01516

Lluvia, Toro, Blue 414
Lluvia, Toro, Blue 163
foal 023
Gem & Foal Arena 195
Gem & Foal Arena 236
foal 059

Ute RB

Branded mare from 2011 Kiger Adoption

Photographs by Rancho Bayo

Bayo Delfin Creek

Tenna x Charro

Owned by Rancho Bayo

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