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Member of the International Alliance of Kiger Breeders

Discover the true treasure of the Spanish Conquistadors...

Reknown for its captivating beauty, intelligence, athleticism and gentle nature, the Kiger Mustang is a living genetic treasure of old world Iberian ancestry. In the early 1500’s Spanish explorers arrived in the New World, what is now known as the Americas, bringing with them horses unsurpassed in agility, strength, bravery and loyalty. These horses, known today as Andalusians and Lusitanos, were a mix of old world Iberian blood and the Arabian Barb brought to Europe by the Arab invasion in 711 A.D. The conquistadors crossed these highly prized war horses with the Iberian native horse, the Sorraia, to create a hardy, sure footed, courageous and dependable mount for exploring the New World. These crosses, along with purebred Andalusians and Lusitanos, were brought to the New World for trading and breeding. By the 1700’s the very best stock from Europe was being brought over to the New World to be bred at the Royal breeding farms. These Iberian horses were highly prized by the Native tribes, the Spanish Vaqueros and the early American Cowboys for their intelligence, agility, courage and endurance on the battlefield, in bull fighting and working cattle on the open ranges – many of the prized qualities of today’s American Quarter Horse came from their Iberian influence.

After centuries of cross breeding to draft and English blood, which created what is now known as the American Mustang, the pure strains of Spanish horse that had once conquered the Americas were thought to be extinct, until a small herd was rediscovered in 1977, hidden away deep in the Steens Mountains. This rugged desert mountain range in Southeast Oregon kept these herds isolated from outside influence and as a result, the Kiger Mustang carries a high percentage of Spanish blood, untouched and unaltered by man for nearly 400 years. Genetic testing done by the University of Kentucky, and the Kiger's uniform phenotype which breeds true decade after decade, has proven this to be true. Physical characteristics of the breed include heavy dun factor, hard hooves, defined head, compact, short back, well-muscled body and elegant movement.

The Kiger and Riddle herds in the Steens Mountains are now managed and protected by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management and preservation is being carried out by a small number of private breeders in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, Norway and New Zealand. The wild Kiger Mustangs are rounded up every 4 years for public auction and are highly sought after, with individual bids reaching up to   $10 000 USD.

Winterwind Kigers is very proud to be the first breeding program to introduce these incredible horses to Atlantic Canada. Our focus is to preserve the prized characteristics of intelligence, courage and athleticism of the Old World Iberian horse and the captivating beauty, trainability and hardiness that nature created in the Kiger Mustang. Our horses are carefully selected from the best stock around the world and imported to Canada for incorporation into our program. Kigers are well suited for many disciplines from the show ring to the ranch. Our horses have been successful in Western Dressage, Trail, Ranch Work, Working Cattle and yet are gentle enough to teach children to ride. We are excited to continue the legacy of these magnificent horses here in Nova Scotia.

If you are interested in owning a living legend, please contact us for more information.

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